Introducing PubDAO, a decentralized crypto news wire

Today we launched PubDAO, a new media effort we’ve been building behind the scenes with partners from news orgs like Decrypt, The Defiant, and ACJR, and contributors from DAO and Web 3 projects like Friends with Benefits, Gitcoin, Collab.Land, Digitalax, and API3.

Think of PubDAO, initially, as akin to a decentralized Associated Press.

PubDAO story ideas get brainstormed openly in our Discord channel, a truly collaborative process that favors coordination over competition. The first PubDAO story, “How Lobster NFTs and a DAO Helped Give Crypto a Voice in Washington,” was published today by multiple partner sites and newsletters.

The decentralized wire service is merely the first part of a broader plan for PubDAO that will ultimately produce guilds made up of writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, advertisers, and marketers. If all goes according to plan, those guilds—and an evolving set of protocols—will reduce the cost and friction in online publishing. We hope that results in new, far better ways of monetizing, and a healthier ecosystem.

The coordination tool at the center of this will be a token, which is coming soon. Eventually, PubDAO members can contribute to the story pipeline by staking and earning governance tokens.

Stay tuned for an in-depth announcement to follow with full token details, and our DAO charter.

For now, at the outset, PubDAO is an open community experiment in rethinking broken digital media models.

If you share our vision for a more equitable and collaborative future where creators and their audience own the value they create, consider joining us as an early contributor.

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