Introducing the PubDAO Biz Dev Guild

We are actively searching for contributors to join the recently announced PubDAO Business Development Guild.  The Business Development Guild

The Business Development (Biz Dev) guild is focused on evangelizing PubDAO, networking with publications, bringing in writers, and connecting with other DAOs (including their contributors).

The Biz Dev Guild will require interested individuals to fill out an application to be considered. Contributors that will thrive in the Biz Dev guild are web3 natives who are familiar with DAOs. They craft relationships tactfully as an extension of PubDAO and do not spam to get people's attention. They have large networks in the industry and want to help builders and creators by bringing them more exposure through PubDAO, as well as bringing in traditional Publications to distribute PubDAO content. 

The main focuses of the Biz Dev guild are the following areas:

  • Sourcing quality contributors (Talent)
  • Bringing Publications into the Publishers Network (Product Adoption)
  • Bringing DAO representatives into the DAO
  • Bringing Sponsored Content/Writing as a service jobs into the DAO

Biz Dev Contributor Compensation

Accepted Contributors will be compensated on a per-lead basis— action must be taken by the lead generated for the bounty to be considered complete. 

e.g. Biz Dev Contributor A brings in Writer B, Contributor A receives his or her bounty after Writer B submits an article to PubDAO.

Similar to other existing bounties, compensation during Season 0 will be tracked via allocating points in Coordinape. Once the PubDAO governance token is live, tokens will be distributed to contributors based on the amount of Coordinape points they’ve earned.

“Getting high-quality writers is just one of the ingredients needed to achieve PubDAO’s success formula. For PubDAO to deliver on its mission, there need to be relationships crafted with additional publications to place content with, as well as with DAOs and project teams wishing to leverage the decentralized wire offering of PubDAO. To achieve this level of adoption and utilization amongst DAOs, there’s a need for crypto-natives to actively conduct outreach and relationship building on behalf of PubDAO.” - Joh, PuBDAO Governance Forum

Apply to the Biz Dev Guild

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