Introducing the PubDAO Pre-Season Bounty Board and contributor rewards

Last week, we launched a new structure for the Editorial Guild and an onboarding process for aspiring DAO members. This week, we’re launching the compensation model that we’ll use until the PubDAO governance token is live.

After joining PubDAO and going through the onboarding process, the next step is, well, to start contributing! We launched a Bounty Board to help DAO members navigate the community and figure out how to start working. Thank you to Forefront for the bounty board template.

Check out the bounties available for the guild (or guilds) you’re in, you’ll be able to find how many points will be awarded per bounty in column F, and a brief description of the bounty in the column next to it.

Further details about the bounty board can be found in our notion.

Pre-Token Compensation

If you’re going to contribute to PubDAO, make sure to set up an account on Coordinape, and send a Steward your public Ethereum address so we can add you to the team.

The first epoch will run from now until the launch of the PubDAO governance token. During this epoch, contributors will be awarded points that determine the retroactive token reward they’ll receive once the epoch is completed.

How to join PubDAO

Let’s recap!

  1. Go to the PubDAO Discord and go through the onboarding process that begins in the #start-here channel.
  2. Once you’ve picked out your guild and familiarized yourself with the Discord, go to the bounty board and pick a bounty you’d like to complete.
  3. Start working on the bounty and create an account on Coordinape. Send your public Ethereum address to your guild leader so they can add you to the Coordinape team (used for compensation).
  4. Submit your bounty when its completed
  5. Earn points through Coordinape at the end of the Epoch.

PubDAO Discord

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