Writing Pods (Beta)

Gm fellow Pubbers,

We’re excited to announce a new approach to creating content and collaborating in PubDAO, pods!

What’s a Pod?

We’ll be giving writers and editors the option to form writing groups based on their interests and what they want to write about. The groups they form will be called “pods”. The first evolution of the pod structure, proposed by PubDAO Contributors Brownrygg and Ilan, is a dual pod structure: private and public.

Private pods are sponsored by a client and the content is owned completely by them. These co-working groups consist of skilled writers and editors curated for the desired outcome of the pod and will be created as needed by market demand. When a client or company requests to spin up a pod, they are required to allocate an additional token bounty, on top of the standard token bounty available for writers in the pod.

Public pods create content considered to be a public good that enriches the ecosystem. These co-working groups consist of any PubDAO member who is interested in working with other pubbers on publishing content for PubDAO. A portion of the private pod payouts will be used to fund public pods.

Private pods are the core product of PubDAO, but also serve as fundraising mechanisms for public pods: so that DAO can support media as a public good.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing more information on this structure, and invite all DAO members to provide feedback! Keep your eyes out for a document describing the differences between private and public pods, how to start them, and what the work process will be.

So, what’s the first pod gonna be?!

The LearnPod is our beta test of the pod structure and is the first private pod. We’ll be using this beta to ideate and formalize the processes future pods will use.

Our partners over at Decrypt have expressed a need for beginner-focused educational content, so we’re putting together a private pod to tackle this work on an ongoing basis. Think of this like a Decrypt-sponsored working group within PubDAO.

We’ve created the channel #learn-pod to serve as a workshop for brainstorming and collaborating on all the content.

The initial members of the pod are:

  • Ilan (Decrypt/PubDAO liaison)
  • Reza (writer)
  • Brownrygg (writer)
  • Jeff Benson (Decrypt Editor)

We’re looking for 2-3 more writers to join and help contribute to the pod! Compensation will be tracked via Coordinape, with each article being published counting as one writing bounty with an additional token bonus provided by the pod sponsor, Decrypt.

Would you like to join a pod?

If you’d like to join the LearnPod, stop by the Discord and let us know in the #water-cooler channel. There will be a brief screening process where you’ll be asked to complete 1-2 sections from a sample article.

If you’re interested in spinning up a public pod, join the waitlist here.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a private pod, join the waitlist here.

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