PubDAO Publisher Grants

Publications that receive a grant are key members of the DAO. They provide distribution to PubDAO content in exchange for vested ownership of PubDAO. These publications are added to the PubDAO decentralized newswire and feed content from it to their platforms. They can request specific subjects or topics be covered by our pool of contributors, or take advantage of our library of web3 content to start building up a readership of crypto-savvy individuals.

An additional way the grants can be utilized is for upcoming publications. For example, if a group of DAO members wants to start a publication aimed at covering a specific topic within web3, they can apply for a grant to receive funding for that publication.

PubDAO is rethinking the way we produce and distribute media online. Towards that goal, aligning ourselves with high-quality publishers is pivotal.

Why publisher grants?

Publisher grants incentivize publishers to distribute PubDAO content via a stake of our upcoming governance tokens. While the key benefit is to our members and the added distribution they may receive through new publishers joining the network, this also adds diversity to the DAO and makes it more representative of the entire media ecosystem. With publishers and writers both having a stake in the DAO, we hope that we can all work together to create a better path for decentralized media.

Publisher grants also allow us to support PubDAO driven publications that members of the DAO would like to start. We’re interested in publications that want to cover specific niches such as on-chain investigations, DAOs, NFTs, stablecoins, etc. If a topic is not being written about, and it being so would benefit the space, we want to help get it out there.

What we’re looking for

From websites to print publications, substacks, and blogs, we are open to letting a wide variety of publishing entities and creators pull pieces from PubDAO, with some exceptions. Applicant rejections can be based on: audience size; hate speech; an ethos that we deem toxic; posting false information in the past, etc. The final decision is ultimately made by the Editorial Board during a review process.

Applicants will have a better chance of receiving a grant if they have a track record of delivering results, this applies to both existing publications and those applying to fund new publications. If two people apply for a similar grant, for example, a person who has delivered the best results in the past via consistently generating content for an audience is more likely to be accepted. For a general idea of what we expect from publishers, check out our community content guidelines.

The size of the grant will be determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the specific needs of the applicant in question. If a publisher is willing to commit to supporting the DAO in a more meaningful way (committing to publishing a higher amount of articles from PubDAO per month, for example) they can be eligible for a larger grant. Grants are vested over 36 months, with 1/36 of the grant unlocked every 30 days, if all the pre-agreed upon requirements are met during that time period.

There will be a regular review of all grantees by the Editorial Board, during this review period Board members will determine if specific publications have been meeting their requirements, and if not, decide on a course of action.

Requirements of Grantees

  • Publish at minimum 1 piece of PubDAO content per month
    • Publishers who commit to publishing more than this can be eligible for larger grants
  • Include the “Sourced by PubDAO” tag in all content taken from the DAO
  • Publications join at least 1 townhall per month
  • Publications vote on DAO proposals in the governance forum

How to apply?

Publisher grants will officially go live once our governance token has launched, however, we will be accepting applicants leading up to that. To apply for a publisher grant, fill out the application below, and stop by the Discord to let us know you’ve applied and make your case for why your publication would be a great fit.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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