Introducing the Editorial Board

We’re actively seeking new contributors to join the Editorial Guild as Editorial Board Members.

As the volume of content being submitted to PubDAO continues to rise, we are looking for more experienced editors to join PubDAO as Editorial Board members.

The Editorial Board is the upper-council of the Editorial guild and is tasked with maintaining the quality and integrity of PubDAO. Board members have the final say on whether or not content is accepted by PubDAO, which publications articles are pushed out to, and whether or not story ideas pitched by writers should be pursued by the DAO.

The ideal applicant for the Editorial Board is a Web3 native with an interest in working with DAOs. They have several years of experience in traditional journalism as an editor or writer, are familiar with AP style, and have the time to edit at least a few articles per week.

The main focuses of the Editorial Board are:

  • Editing stories submitted to PubDAO
  • Working with writers on fine-tuning their messaging
  • Determining the best publication for PubDAO content
  • Working with Publications to ensure PubDAO is properly represented (and keeping the Publications happy)

Editorial Board Compensation

Editorial Board Members will be assigned Coordinape points to track their contributors until the PubDAO governance token is live. At which point, the Editorial Board will be given a per-season token allocation. The token allocation will be split equally amongst the Editorial Board Members

Apply to the Editorial Board

To apply to the Editorial Board, please fill out the application below

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