March 2nd, 2022

Gm fellow Pubbers,

We’re excited to announce a new approach to creating content and collaborating in PubDAO, pods!

What’s a Pod?

We’ll be giving writers and editors the option to form writing groups based on their interests and what they want to write about. The groups they form will be called “pods”. The first evolution of the pod structure, proposed by PubDAO Contributors Brownrygg and Ilan, is a dual pod structure: private and public.

February 22nd, 2022

Publications that receive a grant are key members of the DAO. They provide distribution to PubDAO content in exchange for vested ownership of PubDAO. These publications are added to the PubDAO decentralized newswire and feed content from it to their platforms. They can request specific subjects or topics be covered by our pool of contributors, or take advantage of our library of web3 content to start building up a readership of crypto-savvy individuals.

An additional way the grants can be utilized is for upcoming publications. For example, if a group of DAO members wants to start a publication aimed at covering a specific topic within web3, they can apply for a grant to receive funding for that publication.

PubDAO is rethinking the way we produce and distribute media online. Towards that goal, aligning ourselves with high-quality publishers is pivotal.

February 1st, 2022

We’re actively seeking new contributors to join the Editorial Guild as Editorial Board Members.

As the volume of content being submitted to PubDAO continues to rise, we are looking for more experienced editors to join PubDAO as Editorial Board members.

The Editorial Board is the upper-council of the Editorial guild and is tasked with maintaining the quality and integrity of PubDAO. Board members have the final say on whether or not content is accepted by PubDAO, which publications articles are pushed out to, and whether or not story ideas pitched by writers should be pursued by the DAO.

The ideal applicant for the Editorial Board is a Web3 native with an interest in working with DAOs. They have several years of experience in traditional journalism as an editor or writer, are familiar with AP style, and have the time to edit at least a few articles per week.

January 29th, 2022

We are actively searching for contributors to join the recently announced PubDAO Business Development Guild.  The Business Development Guild

The Business Development (Biz Dev) guild is focused on evangelizing PubDAO, networking with publications, bringing in writers, and connecting with other DAOs (including their contributors).

The Biz Dev Guild will require interested individuals to fill out an application to be considered. Contributors that will thrive in the Biz Dev guild are web3 natives who are familiar with DAOs. They craft relationships tactfully as an extension of PubDAO and do not spam to get people's attention. They have large networks in the industry and want to help builders and creators by bringing them more exposure through PubDAO, as well as bringing in traditional Publications to distribute PubDAO content. 

The main focuses of the Biz Dev guild are the following areas:

January 14th, 2022

PubDAO is rethinking the way we look at journalism and media. Joining the Genesis Writers Program means joining a tight-knit network of leading writers all co-owning a DAO with a clearly defined foundation.

Towards this goal, we’re launching a program for proven writers that have a strong track record of producing high quality content around web3. Writers who join the program will be able to submit their stories for them to be published in PubDAO, Decrypt, and our other publishing partners. Writers who join this program will not be restricted from publishing on other publications. The only requirement for content produced for the program is that it is edited by a PubDAO editor before publishing, and contains a tag stating the content was produced through the DAO.

Why Join the Genesis Writers Program?

PubDAO is building a decentralized community of writers, editors, publishers, DAO members, and web3 evangelists all with the shared goal of leveraging web3 to improve the way we create and distribute media. As a Genesis Writer you’ll get the opportunity to help shape the future of PubDAO, with each story published earning you a significant amount of ownership in the DAO through $PUB token allocations.

November 24th, 2021

The first PubDAO epoch (Season 0) started yesterday (Nov 23) 8pm ET. This epoch is scheduled to run for 90 days, but the duration will be adjusted as we finalize details about the PubDAO token.

This post outlines the structure of Season 0 and explains how you can join PubDAO and start earning tokens through your contributions.

The Path to Season 1

Our vision for PubDAO is to create a decentralized media network—one where creators and their audience own the means of content creation, distribution, and monetization. We believe that by applying the problem-solving methodology of decentralized organizations to the issues we encounter in the media industry, we can introduce both trust and transparency into the media production process.

November 22nd, 2021

Last week, we launched a new structure for the Editorial Guild and an onboarding process for aspiring DAO members. This week, we’re launching the compensation model that we’ll use until the PubDAO governance token is live.

After joining PubDAO and going through the onboarding process, the next step is, well, to start contributing! We launched a Bounty Board to help DAO members navigate the community and figure out how to start working. Thank you to Forefront for the bounty board template.

Check out the bounties available for the guild (or guilds) you’re in, you’ll be able to find how many points will be awarded per bounty in column F, and a brief description of the bounty in the column next to it.

October 29th, 2021

Today we launched PubDAO, a new media effort we’ve been building behind the scenes with partners from news orgs like Decrypt, The Defiant, and ACJR, and contributors from DAO and Web 3 projects like Friends with Benefits, Gitcoin, Collab.Land, Digitalax, and API3.

Think of PubDAO, initially, as akin to a decentralized Associated Press.

PubDAO story ideas get brainstormed openly in our Discord channel, a truly collaborative process that favors coordination over competition. The first PubDAO story, “How Lobster NFTs and a DAO Helped Give Crypto a Voice in Washington,” was published today by multiple partner sites and newsletters.

The decentralized wire service is merely the first part of a broader plan for PubDAO that will ultimately produce guilds made up of writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, advertisers, and marketers. If all goes according to plan, those guilds—and an evolving set of protocols—will reduce the cost and friction in online publishing. We hope that results in new, far better ways of monetizing, and a healthier ecosystem.